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Antenna(s) for Eagle River Valley, Alaska?

I've read several threads on this forum, it seems that each situation is fairly specific. Any help with my situation would be appreciated.

Does anyone have a suggestion on the best antenna setup to receive over-the-air TV from (apparently) three groups of repeaters at azimuths from my location of 286-309 degrees, 250-255 degrees, and 219-230 degrees; with signal power at my location in the -37.6dBm to -80dBm?

Mountainous region, with LOS to the antenna, maybe some trees in the way. House elevation is maybe about 400 to 600 feet above the transmitters,

The current plan is to connect one TV, but I may also connect a DVR to it in the future.

I have no HOA restrictions. I can place the antenna on the higher roof, 35 feet above the ground, if needed to avoid the trees, but this would need a 100-foot run of coax between the antenna(s) and the TV. Not much wind in this area, but a good amount of snow.

Thanks for any help.
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The fairly wide spread of UHF stations calls for a 4-bay panel antenna such as the Antennacraft U4000, Antennas Direct DB4, Channel Master CM4221HD or Winegard HD-4400. All of these have wide forward patterns... but not as wide as I wish. The spread between real channel 33 and 35 is 90° so you may have some trouble finding a single aim point that gives you all stations. Try aiming at about 255° to start, pan left and right to get the best line-up

There are three high-VHF stations at 300° so you'll need an Antennacraft Y-5713 for those. A UVSJ would be used to combine the signals from the two antennas.

Driving one or two sets should not need an amplifier unless you need the 100' run of coax. An Antennas Direct CPA-19 would overcome all of that loss and more.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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Thanks for the analysis. I'll try something soon and post the results.

As for finding the ground truth on the azimuth angles, I went to my address on Google Maps and took a screen shot of my house, then overlayed a screen shot of the graph, so I can see where the stations are in relation to my roof line. Assuming that Google has correctly oriented the image north-up.
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Good UHF digital antenna for my area?

I searched all the local stores for the antenna you recommend, but none have 4-bay. There is a Clear Steam 2, a ChannelMaster 3000A, and several directional options. I prefer local, because returns are easier, but I'm now willing to look at ordering online.

My parents had an old, big, outdoor, directional TV antenna and mast which I tried, it worked great for all the available VHF stations (Real 8, 10, and 12), no matter which direction I point it, and even with over 100 feet of non-amplified coax.

Some more research shows that I'm only interested in adding the following available channels:
UHF 20 @255 degrees, -43.6dBm
UHF 28 @250 degrees, -47.5dBm
UHF 14? @250 degrees, -80.2dBm (or UHF 18 @286, -55.6dBm)
There are a couple @309 that might be of interest, but a low priority
One @219 is not of interest.

I have a UVSJ joiner. I'd prefer to not use an amplified antenna, for simplicity. I definitely don't want a rotor.

With these narrowed requirements, is the recommendation still a 4-bay UHF, or should I go with something more directional? Is 8-bay better, the cost difference is not much to me? My budget is $120 and I have no neighbors or wind issues.

Thanks for any insight.
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