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Seeking advice on best antenna

I live in south GA and about 35 miles north of Jacksonville, FL. I have tried an indoor RCA ANT1450BR Multi-Directional Amplified Digital Flat Antenna and was able to pull in about 10 channels consistently, but there were another 10 or so that were intermittent. I would like to buy an outdoor antenna that I will mount on my roof at a height of about 20 feet. I have read a lot of reviews on different antennas only to be more confused than I was before.

Could someone please recommend an antenna based on my signal analysis.

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The following is Easy to understand information and step by step instructions.

Above the Peak of the Roof in such a manner that the roof and house are not blocking reception to the , south-south west and west north.

( Why the south-south west and west north?? )

It is a easy answer.

Looking at the tvfool radar map plot and channel list , the Local Tv stations , Pending Applications Included Digital Tv stations/channels are located to the , south-south west and west north.

For reception of the Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels of those directions.

Install a Winegard HD7696P antenna aimed at about 190 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Here are some strong and sturdy antenna mounts., Use the 5 foot tripod antenna mount. Use the #4560 eave antenna mount.

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box or buy from ronard.


Install a Winegard HDP-269 preamp.


For 1 Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a , HFS-2D , 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a , HFS-3D , 3 way splitter.

For 4 Tv's connected use a , HFS-4D , 4 way splitter.

Buy the HFS splitters at , or ,


Here are some places to by antennas and etc. .


As always , trees and tree leaves , plants and plant leaves , effect reception in a negative way , multi-path/reflection , absorbing , blocking , Digital Broadcast Tv reception and so do buildings and other obstructions including your own roof and house.

The best practice is to install the HD7696P antenna at a location that has the least amount to no amount of obstructions of any type or kind in the directions of reception including your own roof and house.


The Tv/s Must Channel Scan for the Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels , often named the 'Air Channels' or 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv Setup Menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the Air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

Some Digital Tv's will Automatic channel scan for cable tv channels.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.

Go into the Tv Setup Menu and select 'Air Channels' ~ 'Antenna Channels'

Scan for channels.

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Well, I'll tell you what you need to look at. First, check your chart, identify the channels you want. Make sure each has a positive value for the Signal NM - the higher the better your odds of tuning. Then you lump together the general directions of them all, which in your case, south pretty much covers it, with the exception of 24. Being that 24 is your best signal, I wouldn't work too hard to get it. The hope is that your antenna will be able to still pick it up even if you don't aim right at it. Now you look at the bottom tables that show if the signal is UHF, VHF-Hi or VHF-Lo. In your case, VHF-Lo isn't needed. Not all antennas are designed for all frequencies, so you'll need to make sure yours will get UHF & VHF-Hi (down to Ch 7). Then you have to consider your installation site - trees being the biggest hurdle. You'll want to have as clear of a line of sight to the south. Unlike satellite which needs open sky above, horizon is the best for an antenna.

Given that I don't know some of your factors, I think an ANT-751 would get all of those listed as LOS. Going beyond that, you'll start to see A/C indicators. So if you try to pull those signals beyond, you may get interference from the closer signals that are close or sharing the same Real channel. If you want to go a little bigger, maybe look at the Winegard HD7694p. The bigger the antenna, the better the range. You'll want to avoid too much range as you'll miss your sweet spot and start picking up stuff further south that could impact your closer signals. Again, that's where the A/C indicators on the left of the chart come into play. Think of it as you want to hear the conversation at your table in a noisy restaurant....not all the other chatter.
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