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Doug's lake house

Let me know if I need an amplifier to get Abilene stations

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Hi Brian,

KTAB should be the easiest to catch, KRBC should be reliable and KXVA you should see it. Expect though perhaps a drop out or two occasionally on KXVA. Weak signals over edges in my experience can fluctuate enough to fall below reception threshold. Also, Keep in mind, TV fool is only a ballpark. With OTA television reception, there are many variables to contend with that TV fool may not take into account.

That said, how long of a coax do you intend to run? Are you splitting it to multiple TVs?

A preamp would be benefitial for the weaker signals, however KIDU's closeness of magenetic compass to the Abilene stations might set the stage for over driving your receiver. The RCA TVPRAMP1R has a reputation for not overloading. I've been using one with my Antennas direct 91XG pointed at 141 magnetic. At 70 magnetic I have strong locals which the RCA TVPRAMP1R doesn't shut down or overdrive my receiver with them present.

What antenna are you using? How's the obstructions surrounding the antenna?

At your location I'd buy a Antennas Direct 91XG and point it at 311 magnetic to start with and see what it catches.

Bad news on the Abilene ABC though I'm afraid. -9db is well into extreme efforts to receive. Be prepared to only have CBS, NBC and FOX with NBC and FOX perhaps having occasional drop outs.

Best of luck.

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KIDU-CD Real UHF channel 17 , has , FOX , MyNetwork , Cozi.

KXVA Real UHF channel 15 has , FOX , MyNetwork.


KTAB-DT Real UHF channel 24 is , CBS.

KRBC-DT Rreal UHF channel 29 is , NBC.

KTXS-Tv Real UHF channel 20 is , ABC , CW , This Tv.

KAZU Real VHF high band channel 13 is , Religion.


For reception of the Tv stations channels to the , North West and not the Religion channel 13.


Install a Channel Master CM4228HD antenna aimed at about 299 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna.


KTXS is very weak signal strength and KIDU is very strong signal strength.

If KTXS is not received reliably with with no amplifier then try a CM3410 distribution amplifier.

The CM3410 is designed to resist over loading from strong signal strength signals such as KIDU.


The Winegard DS3000 J pole type antenna mount will work Ok with the CM4228HD antenna.

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