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Firestick Interfering With Reception

Just discovered something I thought I'd share in the hopes it will keep you from ripping your hair out. I live in Burbank, CA and have a Winegard HD7698P antenna on my roof, which has performed amazingly for the past few years. Over the last 3 weeks, I noticed my reception was getting worse and worse, first on the lower channels, then, over time, higher ones. I lost CBS and the CW altogether at one point. I checked the roof wiring, readjusted the antenna direction with a compass, still nothing. In checking the connections to the TV, I moved the Amazon Firestick, which was plugged into the TV's USB and reception improved slightly. On a lark, I took the Firestick out and my reception immediately improved to 100%! Not a problem since! If you're having a reception problem via antenna, and you have a firestick plugged in, try pulling it out! Good luck!
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I've had a couple of customers with Firesticks and Chromecast devices that were radiating and interfering with reception, particularly on VHF channels. I've also run into TV sets that interfered with others on the same system.
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