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Anyone fuss with a Slingbox HD Pro?

Greetings all,

So I purchased a Slingbox HD Pro from an online vendor at a steep discount. I figured I'd give it a whirl.

My results? For OTA purposes, it's mediocre. The tuner is below par of both of my TVs. My TVs recieve K23HT-D both fine. The Slingbox no matter the configuration either with the antennas directly into the box or fed from the A/B switch - the slingbox cannot decode K23HT-D.

With KQUP RF24 with a good signal next to the weaker K23HT-D, my only conclusion is that the Slingbox tuner doesn't play well strong adjacents.

Anyone else have any run ins with this device?

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Had a sling box before I went OTA. Had no issues with it, in fact, worked great. I once streamed a life NFL game on a flight from TX to NC. Wish I never sold it but not going to buy another one.
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