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Best VHF-Hi/UHF Antenna for receiving stations from nearly 180°?

TVFool Report:

Antenna is mounted in the attic of a 3 story condo, pointed at 269°. Probably a 25ft coax run.

Current antenna: Winegard FVHD30H
Current Preamp: Clearstream juice
Filters: MCM FM trap, LTE Filter (Forget which one), Ch 8/Ch 41 notch filter
Tuner: HDHomeRun Connect

Channels I'd like to get:
  • KEYT-DT (27) 295°
  • K10PV-D (10) 9°
  • KSBB-CD (17) 237° - at least one day, when ATSC 3.0 tuners are cheaper

KEYT-DT comes in pretty strong, but I'm currently not getting K10PV-D at all. And I can't get KSBB-CD until I get an ATSC 3.0 tuner, so that might be a while.

I can probably get some RTL-SDR spectrum analyzers if that'd be helpful.

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Hello jamesm113:

You might want to consider the Channel Master Omni Plus 50. Since you've got a very wide reception pattern, this antenna is supposed to be able to pick up 360 degrees. You can read other user comments about CM Omni on their website, which might help you decide.

Please give the forum a follow up when you get settled. I'm sure it would be helpful to others.

Thanks for posting and all the best.....
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Yeah, I kinda had my eye on that one, but after running some scans, I'm not sure I need an omnidirectional antenna, but I'm thinking I can better point the antenna at K10PV-D (10), and/or get some better FM filtering and/or a get better VHF antenna.

I had forgotten there's a "backyard" FM radio station on 96.5. The station is operating at 0.1kw, but it's currently coming through my FM trap setup pretty strongly.

I went through all the UHF channels, most are coming in at 95%+ signal quality, with the exceptions of channel 26 at 76% signal quality and 32 at 69%, both lock just fine. Only one I can't receive is KSBB-CD (17), but only because it's an ATSC 3.0 stream.

I also recently learned KSBB-CD doesn't carry Fox or CBS any more, so I don't really care much for it.

For the VHF side of things, I'm unable to get the tuner to recognize 10, and while 8 is recognized, the signal quality is 44% and the tuner is not able to get a lock.
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