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Can you help me choose the right antenna?

Hi All,
I ran a report based on my address and a presumed 25' mounting height.
I have no existing equipment

As I look to my report I'm mainly interested in picking up the signals from broadcast towers that are in the 25 mile true north from 349-355 degrees. It would be a bonus to pick up the 3 broadcast towers that are 11-16 miles to the west 251-262 degrees, but I could live without these stations.

1. is there an antenna that would get both the stations to the north and west, if so what are your recommendations?
2. If I focused only on the stations to the north what antenna would you recommend.
3. Will a 25' height be enough or should I try to go taller. 25' represents mounting on the rear covered deck roof of my house for un obstructed access to the north & west broadcast towers. If I were to mount on the 2nd story roof I could possibly have it 35' tall.

Here is a link to my report

Here is another link from Rabbit ears

Thanks in advance for your help

Gregg U.

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Without knowing if you have trees, buildings, large hills, etc. blocking your location from the towers you should be able to get stations from both north and west by pointing the antenna northwest. Split the difference so to speak.

I'm partial to the bow tie style like the Antennas Direct DB4e, but any decent 50 mile "rated" antenna should yield good results. (Take the milage ratings with a grain of salt, they are made up numbers by the marketing people and not very realistic.)

I say should because I don't know about anything that may block the signal, like trees, your neighbors house, you're down in a valley next to a creek behind a hill, etc.
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Choose Right Antenna

Hey greggor:

Since you're fairly close to the towers you're trying to receive and you mentioned you had unobstructed access to the N/W, depending on your budget, I would recommend on the less expensive side the RCA 751 or 3036/7 (to receive Low VHF real channel 5); or Winegard 7000 which is very similar to the RCA 751 and also comes with low VHF dipole. (BTW, Winegard makes those RCA antennas.)

If you want higher quality construction and have a bigger budget, Channel Master antennas are probably among the best made and will give you many years of reliable use; especially given your neck of the woods. I would also recommend their new metal balun, or they have a less expensive plastic version that would probably work. There is a helpful thread that rabbit73 posted some time ago, which could improve your reception if you use CMs balun:

I've used those antennas above and can recommend them.

Let the forum know how it all turns out for you. I'm sure it would be appreciated.

All the best.....

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Hi all thanks for your replies. I ended up getting a rather inexpensive RCA antenna from my local Menards “$35” it was a compact yagi style I figured I had little to lose since they have a good return policy. I’m able to pull all the major stations ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ION. whichever we’re all 16 mile north of me and as a bonus I’m also getting PBS, from 5 miles west. Thanks again for your advice.
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Nice to see some activity in this forum...first post I've seen since March!
Antennacraft Y10-7-13 VHF, Antennas Direct 91XG UHF
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