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Antenna recommendation help

Hi, I posted to this forum before about 13 years ago and needed help with an antenna recommendation at my house in North Canton Ohio, ZIP code 44720. The recommendation was to get a VHF antenna pointed north to Cleveland, Ohio and a UHF antenna pointed east to Youngstown, Ohio, then combine the signals. I was very pleased with the recommendation and it worked out well. In my new house which is also in North Canton, Ohio I have a similar mounting height, plus or minus 30 ft on a chimney, similar to the old mounting height I had at my old house on a 30 ft Rhon tower. I recently reached out to Channel Master and they recommended a VHF pro model antenna with a UHF extension and preamplifier, and they did not recommend combining signals at first, and when I inquired about it they said it could be tricky. I know that many channels I believe switched to the 5G spectrum, so 13 years later I just wanted the latest and greatest recommendation to try to capture channels from both the north and east of my location, or perhaps just capturing channels to the north is the way to go. Any advice is appreciated with specific antenna models, combiner models, amplifier models, chimney mounts, etc.

Thanks alot in advance
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Anyone? : ) . If you need any other info on my side to help with recommendation I'll be glad to give it. I can also give you my old setup that the folks here recommended 13 years ago, but I assume it may be out of date? Thanks again.
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Hi rwilson1206:

Sorry for the delay. It's been rather quiet around TV Fool for a while. But when postings like yours come up, there are replies, albeit sometimes slow. Let me try to get the ball rolling.

First, if we can coax rabbit73 for a reply, he has software that could let you know what your options are. There are other Techs here too, that could help with your issue. It may be that they just haven't seen your post yet.

I'm not a Tech, but let me try to give you my best shot.

Go to and get your location report. It's the most reliable online currently. I put in your zip code here on TV Fool, but it probably is not the most up to date:

As far as antenna recommendations, I certainly can vouch for Channel Master, as I use them here in SoCal LA/OC. The one they recommended to you has certainly received very positive reviews. I have one myself. But you might want to look at several of their other outdoor antennas, before making a final decision. They might be a bit more robust in handling the weather you could encounter over the years, in your neck of the woods. Just a suggestion.

Splitting the two markets you're after, if, as you say you've had good reception to date, I don't see why you wouldn't continue to be able to do so with a new two antenna set up. Just repeat what you did before. But, since I don't have your specs from or any other particulars, I cannot give you a definite answer. Hopefully rabbit73 or one of the other fine Techs here can advise you. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, perhaps my two cents will get you a bit closer to solving your issue.

I'll keep an eye on this thread. Patience is a virtue, and this is one way to achieve that!

All the best....

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