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Sketchy Xtreme signal antennas

Solid Signal has Xtreme Signal antennas HDB91x and HDB8x that look like they heavily rip off the Antennas Direct 91XG and DB8e. I was looking at the specifications for them, and I saw a graph twice. The manufacturers provided antenna gain for the HDB91x and HDB8x are identical:

Even if the gain curve for either antenna is right, the bulk of the gain is above the currently used TV spectrum, around channel 64. Also, why show gain for 800 to 900 MHz? 70 to 83 have not been TV channels for a long time.

So, I would avoid has Xtreme Signal antennas.
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It would seem that this product is targeted at more than just the North American OTA markets. Some parts of the world use the higher end of the UHF spectrum for OTA.
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