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Question Making the most of an antenna purhcase

Good afternoon TVFool, great to find such an expert community on the subject!

I'm ditching cable, and am hoping to purchase an indoor antenna to receive the following channels:


Here's my signal map:

I'm located in the first floor of a two story apartment complex. The ideal solution would be something I can mount set-top or possibly on the wall. I can also place this in front of my window which faces the east.

I'm relatively new to antenna's so any suggestions would be helpful. I'm hoping to spend < $100 if possible.

Also, do amplifiers typically help? What do you recommend?


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DTV/cell phone reception advise and products

Use a Terk HDTVi at the East window aimed as Nortwest as possible. WLUK VHF 11 will require that you extend the adjustable rods out to around 24 inches. All channels should be received.
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->ALL<- Questions and Answers about Broadcast Tv Reception and More.

The HDTVi or a better antenna can be put on a Patio.

Is there a Patio that is part of the east side of your apartment??

Or an area that one could call a Patio or etc. ??

Here is the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can , install , use , maintain , a antenna on a patio , or a area , that is part of your exclusive use and control.

The best way to get the signal from the antenna on the patio to the Tv in the apartment is to have a coax from the antenna go through a hole through the wall and to the Tv.

And before you say that you are not allowed to have a coax go through the wall.

Are there any of the small satellite dishes out side of the apartment building??

And how do the small dishes get the signal from the small dish to the receiver inside the apartment??

Is it coaxes through the wall??

The preferd way to get the signal from point A to point B is coax through the wall.

Here is another way to do it.

A flat coax. , part number 144823. , also sells the flat coax #144823.

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