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Help Request - Getting Network Channels in Irving, TX

Hello to all! I recently moved to Irving, TX, and I'm trying to pick up network channels over the air. Here are the channels in which I'm most interested:
  • KDFW (ch. 4.1)
  • KXAS-DT (ch. 5.1)
  • WFAA (ch. 8.1)
  • KTVT (ch. 11.1)

I have an Amazon indoor antenna (something like this) that I hooked up to the TV, and a scan turns up most of the stations. I consistently get 4.1 and 11.1, and I sometimes get 8.1. The signal is okay but not great. I haven't gotten 5.1 in any of my tries.

Here's a signal analysis that I ran for my location. If I'm interpreting the output correctly, it seems that the channels have similar geographic distance, signal strength, and even compass direction, so I'm interested to know why some of them appear stronger than others and particularly why channel 5.1 is absent altogether.

I also have an old outdoor antenna (looks similar to this) from a previous residence that I can mount on the side of the house or, somewhat less conveniently, in the attic. Purchasing a new antenna would also be an option.

Can anybody offer some advice on what I could try with existing equipment and what I might look at as a next step? Please let me know if more info is needed. I appreciate the help!
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I would get a fresh piece of RG6 cable and hook it up to your mystery antenna, go outside and point it at 160 degrees. In between your two major markets connect to your tv, rescan and see what you might get. Your signals and strengths are enviable.
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Do not point at 160, point it due south. All your major stations transmit from the antenna farm at Cedar Hill which serves the entire Metroplex. The stations that are indicated from downtown Dallas are of very narrow interest assuming they're actually on the air.

Pick a location for your indoor antenna that offers the clearest available line of sight due south, preferably on the inside of a window unless the window has a metal screen or has a low-E coating. If you have "ground clutter" such as buildings, trees, and shrubbery outside the window and cannot get satisfactory reception, then try alternate spots. Repeat until you are either successful or you run out of potential spots and can conclude that you need to get an antenna OUTSIDE the house and preferably UP IN THE AIR where the signal can actually get to it.

The particular indoor antenna you identified is a white box Winegard Flatwave Amplified made for Amazon's brand. There's really nothing special about it, but it's a decent performer.

Your "old" antenna is perfectly suited for your plot. It needs to be mounted where it has a good view to the south and you should be fine. Test mounting locations thoroughly before drilling any holes. Do not make the common mistake of expecting an antenna to work in the spot that is most convenient to you jt because you expect it to, you will likely be confounded.
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Thanks for the quick replies!

I first tried to hang the indoor antenna in a window with a clearer view to the south, and that seemed to result in a slightly better signal from the channels I was previously receiving. I picked up channel 8 again, but I still didn't get channel 5.

I tried the outdoor antenna pointed just beyond 180 degrees both outside and in the attic. I was able to pick up channel 5 with a good signal, and the other channels look great as well, with the exception of channel 8 being a bit fuzzy. I care less about that channel, so I think I'm in good shape for now. I settled upon an attic mounting, but reception wasn't the deciding factor. That's just where I have access to the cables running to multiple rooms.

Thanks once again for the assistance!
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