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Montreal DTV CHANNEL Reception

Just want to know which antenna is the best one for my area.
here is the link:

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Tower Guy
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If I lived there I'd get a DB8e and a Y5-7-13. I'd aim the DB8e at WCAX and WPTZ and the VHF antenna at 139 degrees. For one TV set and a short leadin get a UVSJ to couple the antennas. For longer runs, multiple TVs, or poor TV tuners, consider a TVPRAMP-1R.
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Jake V
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Your TV Fool Report contains a warning that it is only resolved to the block level. That means it might or might not be accurate. I recommend re-doing it and re-posting it (for 25 feet, 35 feet and 50 feet) following these instructions:

Having said that, I agree with Tower Guy if a more accurate TV Fool Report is similar to the one you posted.
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