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Reception trouble in Kansas City area

I'm looking for help with reception trouble in the Kansas City area. Here is our TV Fool Signal Analysis results...

As you can see, we are not terribly far from the Kansas City area transmitters. Those are the only ones we are interested in...the cluster of signals to our southeast.

We have a 4-bay bowtie type antenna in the attic...about 20' AGL. It is fed with 50' of double-shield RG-6. The feedline is new. There are no splitters and no preamp. We are feeding only one TV at this time. The roof uses standard composite shingles...nothing metal.

We are getting rather poor reception on some stations, but pretty good on others. The PBS station (KCPT), for example, is pretty solid. KCTV, on the other hand, is terrible with lots of pixelating and freezes.

There is a little terrain in the K.C. area, and we have some rather tall trees in the area. I'm wondering if we're suffering from the effects of multipathing signals. If so, would a higher gain antenna help us out?

We're very happy to have cut the cable, but our OTA reception is leaving us wanting.


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The remedy is short and simple.

Move the antenna and try again. Repeat until you find a spot where everything works.

Dead spots on UHF channels can be 12-18 inches from a strong spot for any given stations. Being behind trees and in the attic makes it more pronounced.
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All signals are uhf. Make sure you aim to the southeast cluster of stations. Attics kill signal strength upgrade to db8e antenna and move it to a sweet spot.
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