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Signal Strength on One Channel - Help


Having a slight problem with my reception and was hoping someone could help.

TV Fool Results:

Winegard FV-HD30 FreeVision UHF VHF Antenna

Mounted in the attic, which has the solar shield coating. No amp or preamp in use. 2 way splitter goes to each of the 2 TVs hooked up in the house.

The problem:

As you can see from the TV Fool report, I'm only about 5 miles from the broadcast antennas. My antenna is mounted from the attic ceiling, in the middle of the space between the ceiling and the floor from a wooden mast. I get a strong signal on every channel except FOX (26.1). Other stations share that direction so I know the antenna is pointed properly. Why would I be receiving a weak signal from that station only? The channel still comes in but it can fluctuate in strength to the point where the picture/sound stutter on occasion. It works, but is sometimes just annoying to watch the channel due to the fluctuating signal quality.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

Thank you in advance.
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Mounted in the attic, which has the solar shield coating.
You are likely suffering from severe multi-path (rather than a truly weak signal).

Your attic is unlikely to be an easy location due to the radiant barrier. The best thing to do would be to get the antenna out of the Faraday cage it's in. The next best thing would be to try different locations and see if you can find a "sweeter" spot. Opening a strategically located flap (if possible) in the barrier to admit signal would also be suggested as an experiment
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In theory, would it be any better to relocate the antenna to the 2nd floor? It would eliminate the radiant barrier surround. Being only 5 miles away, it seems like signal strength shouldn't be an issue. As you can see, I'm trying to avoid having to install it on the roof...
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Tv Reception.

As always , metal backed insulation makes a great signal reflector / bouncer , also known as Multi Path .

Digital Tv tuners can deal with some Multi Path , however if there is to much multi path the digital Tv tuner will Not be able to deal with it , and the signal strength --> Reading <--will go up and down because the tuner is adjusting the signal --> Trying <-- to get a stable lock on the Multipul signal reflections.

And Yes this situation often happens when the reception is VERY STRONG.

And Yes this can happen to only 1 channel or more then one channel at at a time.

The best way to deal with signal reflections is to move the antenna Away from signal reflections and get a more directional antenna.

The more directional a antenna is the more the directional antenna rejects signals from other directions , like reflections up on reflections signals bouncing around all directions.
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