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is there a notch filter just for channel 42? :o)

I broke down and got one of those solid signal 8bay antennas to get signal from 2 directions and it works kinda..

I do get most of my Philly stations pretty well and I get Baltimore fox which has a 24hr weather sub channel which i really wanted ..

but umm fox 29 philly 18.3db which is broadcast on 42 real conflicts with Baltimore pbs on real 42. 2.9db . unfortunately some of the other good stations in Baltimore are close to 42 so I don't want to lose them..

Also I pulled my VHF bar off my ClearStream 4v and dropped it on the philly side of the antenna and I don't get channel 12 anymore .. there is no cochannel for 12 philly..

here is my fool report

I replaced the Combiner/Splitter that came with the 8bay since it said its low end was around 430 or something .. guessing thats real close to channel 13-14 without looking that up and replaced it with a channel plus bidirectional 1gig splitter..

anyway .. as you can guess I am getting cochannels and stuff but it would be nice to have philly fox29 for the news and then that fox in baltimore for the weather channel and grit and ASN ..

think I am going to replace their coax with some nice solid copper and maybe throw that CS4V under it with my 7777 amp bosting it all ..

see what adjusting position and openness of the bays will get me..
I will have to wright down all the channels I get and make a choice on what I can live with..

blah.. pretty sure there isn't just single channel notch filters .. but!

thought I would ask
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well I tested a few configurations of the Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X antenna and I can get some stations without my amps which is good.. unfortunately the preamps don't pass signal as good when they aren't getting power.. pretty much shut the signal down.. they should make them to passthrough but thats another story..

so as it is sitting at this moment

I have half of the 8bay pointed at 275deg for Baltimore and the other half pointed at 31 for Philly .. then i mounted the CS 4V under that .. almost touching under.. and have that pointed at about 40deg..

the 8bay has a rca 22db amp and the cs4 has my 7777 amp on it .. its the only way i can get channel 12 real...

It is really finiky to point and its going to be difficult once i really install it..

I get a few channels I didn't expect like REV tv which is a car station..

But I can't get fox baltimore and also get some other stations I want .. its a trade off i guess but I do get a lot of stations..

I can deal with getting a lot of decent stations even if reception isn't perfect and I am guessing my tv tuner won't lock to a bunch of them but maybe I can watch them anyway...

Its free tv .. Its gonna be a good alternative because I am expecting an economic shortfall soon and this will keep TV in my home.. I will still have internet but my plan wont allow for streaming much more than a single video from youtube which is dumbed down a lot.. thats ok

As long as I can watch some news and have something I can put on for background noise.. It will be more than enough I assume.. and if not I will just have to take up wood working and garden more .. heh

I did rewire the antenna with solid core copper RG6 .. it may have helped .. I also used two splitters one is a standard dual direction which i put on the 8bay to connect the two sides.. the other is a power passing connector from the same company so I could put my Amps on the antenna side of the first splitter which connects the CS4v and the 8Bay.. I didn't want to amp after the splitter.. still these things are labeled 4db insertion loss not 3.5db .. blah what can you do it is difficult to find splitter/combiners that pass voltage on both sides of a 2 port splitter.. most are only passing on one side because they are powering dishes and the antenna side doesn't have dc passed. which means amping after the splitter would be required.

ah well I am guessing when i position the antennas for final position I will seperate the CS4v and the 8bay by about a yard or more and cut a new cable to do that.

I have to thank some guy out in southern california who did a writeup on the Solid Signal antennas.. he did a real nice write up and it was helpful in making my decision to fork out $75 for this antenna.

his name is Pete Higgins .. don't know if he is still around but I am glad he was.. seems like a nice guy..
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