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Can you build a Stacked 8Bay making it a 16Bay and add VHF too

I have been looking at a number of long range antennas to receive reception from towers 60 Miles away. The stations range from actual 2VHF to 65UHF.

Anyway I was looking at people building the 8 Bay UHF antennas and I see many commercial companies offer them too.

ok so to make this easy

When people build them they often use a 2x4 they mount all the dipoles to the front and a reflector behind. I was wondering if there would be a dB gain if you were to mirror the front elements on the back of the 2x4 effectively making it a 16Bay vs a 8Bay..

Simply putting the back side array in direct alignment with the front.

Then using some type of offset pieces of pvc or wood to allow a reflector to be mounted behind the rear set of dipoles.

Also I noticed that the length of 6 to 8 inches for 8Bay antenna dipoles is basically a "hey this sounds like a good compromise" length. some people make them slightly longer in hopes to pull in the High VHF signals.

But the low band VHF Signals require much larger dipoles. Although not as many of them I would guess. I also understand that VHF dipoles can be V Shaped for Side Gain and to reduce overall physical width.

So in the same sense as above 8 Bay to 16 Bay for UHF would it be possible to bump out the front with PVC or Wood and mount 8 large V Dipoles in the front..

the design would be viewed from the side with 1 being the signal source

1 2 3 4

1 VHF green
2 First 8 Bay purple
3 Second 8 Bay blue
4 Reflector .. back not shown

or think of it this way you build a reflector stick it on the floor
build a 8 bay put that flat on top
build another 8 bay put that on top flat
build the vhf put that on top...

all the bays are laying on the floor flat .. then you space them with spacers say 6 inches and then stand it up and point the vhf end towards the tv towers.. a picture really would help wouldnt it heh

anyway i guess that image would be half of it kinda hope it helps you visualize my question

what do you think about that type of design?

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