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Homemade DB4 and RCA TVPRAMP1R not sure the amp is putting out

I recently made a db4 and I get ok signal without an amp but I wanted to bring in more stations and add stability so I purchased a "used" amazon return RCA TVPRAMP1R which was $20 trying to save a few bucks I am not sure I am getting full or much performance out of it.

If the amp was working at a full rated UHF 20db I would see much better performance I believe.

Since this is a build antenna i do make modifications every time I take it out to work on it.

I am going to be trying again probably this weekend maybe later today idk..

This is my TV Fool

I do get WMAR and that is the weakest I get but it comes in ok
It could be my testing conditions that allow WMAR to come in I am in my garage and I think I am getting reflections ..

a limitation is the antenna will be mounted in the attic not outside or a tower.

Also very important question I don't understand is the

NMdB vs the Pwr dBm

the NMdB is what I have been concerning myself with but with the distance to the towers being 55miles even though i have a pretty much clear line of sight being in Delaware and pointing to Philly which is 18 true 30mag I have disturbances that cause interruption.

During sunup is a problem for me too

At this point i am just trying to get all the philly stations to come in very well and stable during all times of the day and during at least moderate weather conditions.

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If you have a scope with high bandwidth (> 100MHz), you could measure the AC voltage into and out of the amp, to see if the antenna signal is being amplified to the spec of the preamp. Or you could use a tuner or TV that has a signal strength meter, and see what the strength is with and without the preamp. 20 dB will be a 10x voltage gain.

Attic installations are always something of a crapshoot.

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In order to get all the Philly stations you are going to need a VHF antenna. If you can get to the roof you can try a cheap CS 600. Note that WPVI is actually running more power than shown on the TVfool report.
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yeah i don't happen to have a scope... actually i don't know anyone who does have a scope... all i have is a volt meter and thats not going to show anything i don't think

I don't expect to get wpvi or channel 12 and they need to move to uhf ... i wouldn't mind getting wpvi but i can get abc from WMAR hopefully and thats fine
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