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Balun question

To reduce my signal loss, I've been thinking of my balun/transformer.

It may have been from the cable company's stock skinny blue balun that I used on my antenna.

Is there a way to know if this is a good balun? I have DVM and can do measurements across the terminals.

Also, can't find the link but there was a forum post telling people how to make good/better baluns using stock RG-59 cable...

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The least expensive piece of equipment I know of that offers 'calibrated' measurement of signal levels is the SiliconDust HDHR3-tech which lists for about $300 US. The DVM won't measure RF signal levels.

Yes, baluns can vary in attenuation and frequency response. Expose them to the elements and they will deteriorate. The balun you describe sound like an indoor rated design... the cable company has little if any call for outdoor rated baluns. Once filled with water, it's junk.

Coax baluns work and are quite efficient... over a narrow frequency range. If you are only interested in one TV channel, you might make one work. Search for VK5DJ's Yagi Calculator.
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