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Some advice needed


I was hoping to get some advice on Antenna selection to help me receive OTA channels here in Lafayette, NY which is south of Syracuse. Here is my TV FOOL link and with that I' m hoping to get some advice. I have 2 HIDEF TV's and moved the antenna that has been in the attic since the 80's to the roof butits not hooked up yet until I get my roll of RG-6. It allowed reception of the same channels as the Amazon Basic indoor antenna I have when I tried it as it was in the attic. I could not receive PBS, NBC or CBS though it looks like the towers are nearby. I really want to receive those channels before I cut the cord. Also, ABC(17) is in the other direction from the bulk of signals I want to get but its one I want to receive too. I can pick that up but have to move the antenna around. Appreciate any advice and ty! I am on the side of a hill between me and the towers but my roof can see over the trees for the most part.
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Greetings Blueox,

NBC and PBS are so strong they ought to come in with a paperclip on the back of your TV's 75 ohm connector. So, an early thought is that you are dealing with unpredictable variables that happen in attics or there is a system issue. Generally, attic installations are not suggested due to the detrimental affects on the signals you are trying to receive. Think of a cheese grater, in a manner of speaking, that is what a attic installation does to incoming signals. It weakens it and forces it to pass through solid matter. Additionally, attics open up potential problems with household interference.

What brand of antenna do you have in the attic? If you don't know please attach a picture. Since it predates the digital transition, it may not be appropriate for you today and the frequencies many stations moved to.

I'll stop at that and await your reply.

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