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Need help choosing up on cable.

Hey guys! I found this site a few days and am really kind of needing some advice. I was with Direct TV for 9 years and recently switched to Xfinity about 5 months ago. However, my cable bill is usually around $135 a month which includes a good amount of programming and internet. My parents and my brother and his wife just recently gave up cable as well and went with Roku and high speed internet. This decision is a little tough because I love sports! But, the savings each month is insane! My brother signed up for Netflix/Hulu (about $12 a month for both services) and also uses Amazon movies for HD streaming. There's also HBO GO offered for about $7 a month I think and Redbox is uniting with Verizon any week now which is simular to Netflix/Hulu but for only $7 total per month!

I ordered 3 Rokus HD XS for each room. However I would really like to have local channels too! And this is where I need advice choosing an HD antenna or anything you reccomend to get local channels. I'm really only interested in Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC....anything else would just be a bonus. I live in an apartment temporarily so I really cant mount anything on the roof or attic. I do have a balcony though and would be open to buying a tripod system or somthing simular but I really prefer an indoor antenna if possible. I really don't want an eyesore type of antenna and would be willing to even shell out more money for the right type of HD antenna. I plan on moving this summer and possible buying my own home so I would like the antenna to be portable....I can always upgrade later but would also like the choice to bring it with me.

Oh....and if anyone has any ideas on how to get ESPN or NFLN ...even streaming to my TV that would be like gold to me and my family!!

Here are the specs for my location.

TV Signal analysis results:

Interactive TV Coverage Browser:

And here are the type of TVs I own:

Samsung LCD 52" LN52A530 (HD, 1080p, 60hz)
The other two are older Sharp and Magnovox component type TVs (Not HD)

I'm a newb here and ANY HELP is much much appreciated!

Thanks guys.
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Don't get confused over HD marketing, with "HD" being an antenna requirement. Old TV antennas can pick up everything HD and more.

I'm not very familiar with indoor antennas (re: get more opinions) , but your best bet may be the Terk HDTVa or the HDTVi; the former having an amp. Search this forum for "Terk" to see other examples and what was recommended for indoors. Your towers are broadcast from a good distance away, but they seem to be LOS which is good. If you have an old TV antenna, like some rabbit ears, you can try them out now just to get a feel.

The older non-HD TV's will need digital to analog converter boxes installed at each TV location.

As for the online services, I don't think HBO Go is available for non-cable/sat subscribers. In other words, if you aren't paying for HBO through a content provider like DirecTV, etc, then you can't get access to their content online. Please tell me otherwise if I'm wrong.
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