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Why does my older Toshiba DLP constantly need rescan?

I have great reception with my new Clearstream 2 antenna (professionally mounted, very secure) but every other day my Toshiba TV says "auto scan required", at which point I need to unplug the TV, wait, and rescan and channels are back. I usually don't need to do a double rescan where I unplug the antenna signal from the back, just an unplug will do it. If I just rescan without unplugging, it says 0 digital channels. Since I have to do this so often I bought a powerstrip and have it next to the TV and whenever I have to do a rescan I just power off the powerstrip, rather than having to get at the outlet.

The one non-DTV channel that broadcasts here (SF bay area) - a music station on channel 5- never goes away from the scan even if you unplug the antenna cable completely. This is purely a broadcast DTV issue.

Anyway, my TV is fairly old by HDTV standards, a Toshiba 42HM66. Could the constant rescanning be eliminated with a newer TV? Usually the TV itself is not the issue with reception, I know.

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Is this the only Digital Tv you have in the house??

Do the other Digital Tv's do it??

Older Digital broadcast tuners were/are not the best Digital broadcast tv tuners.

Test reception with a newer Digital Tv.

Or can use a Seperate Digital tuner.
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