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Help with Reception

Hello, I have been looking at the forums for months trying to get help with reception and finally decided to post so I could get some expert help. I specifically need help getting additional channels in my area.

So, need to get the most channels for my buck. I am also trying to keep the antenna boom length to a minimum since we tend to have gusty winds here near the coast. Also, the front of my house points about 30 degrees of true north on the compass.

Here is the analysis for my broadcasting area (at 20' above ground):

I am receiving channels 6.1,8.1,13.1,35.1,51.1 with a little "Silver Sensor" type antenna strapped to the railing on my porch to get by.

I really want to get Fox (23.1) and PBS (either 26.1 or 10.1). I called Solid Signal and they recommended the Winegard 7698P to get both the VHF & UHF from the transmitter 45 miles away that has both 23.1 and 10.1. The coast was a lot and the antenna length is huge. So, I did not proceed with that.

I just purchased an HDBX91 from Solid Signal since it is long range UHF with only a 7' boom. I want to try to get 23.1 with that and use a small mluti-directional to get 26.1 and the rest of the ones I get now.

My questions are:
1. Is going with 2 cheaper separate antennas better signal-wise and cost-wise than 1 huge antenna?
2. What would be a reasonably cheap good second antenna to get the other channels?
3. How do I combine the signals from the 2 antennas?

Thanks for any wisdom you can share.
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If you already have the HDB91x, put it up, see what you get... then decide if you need to change plans.

I would opt for an Antennas Direct DB8e, which can be adjusted for maximum forward gain (narrow beam width) or varying amounts of forward beam width (lower peak forward gain). I would also consider adding an Antennacraft Y5713 pointed at real CH-8.

Combing two UHF antennas requires tuned passive filters or active electronics... (your own private CATV head-end, $$ to $$$$) Or skip combining and use an A/B switch or separate tuner,
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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