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My Mohu Leaf experience

My TV Signal analysis:

So I bought a Mohu Leaf - $39. My goals was to set it up on my second floor master bedroom TV. I have a 2 story brick colonial, so was not sure what to expect with signal strength...

I hooked up the Mohu leaf to my cable and mounted flush on the all near the ceiling, then did my antenna channel scan. I picked up a handful of channels, such as Fox, NBC, MeTV, THIS, and some other local news channels. They came in pretty good, but not perfect (occasional stuttering). So I started to re-position the Mohu and did a few re-scans with no improvement. I then unscrewed the antenna and had the cable coming from the TV just laying on the floor and I discovered actually got a cleaner signal without the Mohu altogether!

I then decided to check my downstairs TV in the Living Room. First I tried scanning channels with just the cable from the TV connected to nothing, but no channels were picked up. I then hooked up the Mohu to the downstairs TV and got more channels on this TV and they came in nice and clear (Channels picked up downstairs: Fox, CW, NBC, CBS, PBS, ThisTV, MeTV, and the other local news channels...).

So now I have free local channel both upstairs and downstairs... not bad!
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For more Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels and stable reception.

Install a ANT751 or Antenna Craft HBU11 above the roof in such a manner that the roof and house are not impeding and blocking reception in the directions of , North , North West , West , South West , South East , North East.

No antenna system amplifier is required.

For 1 Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a simple common 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a simple common 3 way splitter.
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Interesting situation on TV #1.

So how's ABC and NBC signal-wise? Those are VHF and the Leaf is a UHF design. So it may tune them, but it's not optimized for them.

And yeah, I admit it, I'm just skeptical of the Leaf, esp for the price. Not that there's anything wrong with it! But for a flat UHF antenna that I can hang on the back of my TV, why not build my own?
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