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Antenna Recommendation for Redmond, WA

I'm planning on switching from cable to OTA but I'm not sure which antenna to buy. Here is my report:

The only channels I need to receive are the major networks and those all show in green on the chart. I currently have a Winegard FreeVision FV-30BB indoor antenna. I can get most of the channels I want. However Fox (KCPQ) only sometimes works and NBC (KING) doesn't work at all. The other major channels seem to work pretty well.

I'm planning on putting a new antenna in the attic for ease of installation and maintenance. There is also a single row of pine trees that the signal will go through. I'm not sure if the trees make a difference on which antenna to get, but the indoor antenna can receive most channels even with the trees. Which antenna do you recommend for my situation?
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Have you tried your Winegard in the attic? I'm not sure what the height difference is, but the extra height could be all you need. Also, are you aimed at WSW now? You should attempt to tune at off angles as well for the sweet spot. The result of this test may save you some money as well as determine the difference between the attic and current location. Use your TV's signal meter to check station strength prior to the attic test. From there, a better antenna decision can be made.
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