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New wind farm, possible OTA tv reception issues?

We have a possible new wind farm that's going to be installed in an area that will be in the middle of the signals beamed from ALL my local stations. Bay City, Saginaw, Flint DMA

Can these affect antenna reception if they are in the middle, but about 15-20 miles away from the receiving antenna's at my house?

Channels 5, 19, and 46 are East of where these will be. 25 is South-East, and 12, 49, 66 are South.

All these stations are presently UHF, with the exception of 12, which is really VHF 12. No telling yet where 46 and 49 will move after the repack.

There's no way to aim past where they'll be installed from where my house is.

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At that distance and with the turbines being non-LOS, it's my perception that it's not likely they will be a concern but I've never seen any data on your particular scenario.

It will be interesting to learn about your experience, please keep us updated.
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Can wind turbines interfere with television and radio reception?

Wind turbines can interfere with television and radio signals received through an antenna. However, given the distances between wind turbines and homes or businesses, the turbines do not interfere with satellite technologies because the signal is received from above rather than from a land-based broadcasting tower.

In the event that signal interference from wind turbines is experienced, We Energies is committed to resolving the issue and covering the costs. We have employed a variety of technologies and techniques in the past to mitigate the issue. For example, at our Blue Sky Green Field Energy Center we have established a program to restore the local channels for those experiencing problems as a result of the turbines. The program includes an evaluation of the resident’s situation and applying the right solution. In some instances, the solution includes servicing an antenna, installing a different antenna or replacing components of the antenna system. If the antenna adjustments do not resolve the matter, the hardware and local programming for satellite service is provided.
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