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Look, the LNA isn't a "bad" pre-amp, it's actually a somewhat decent one with several limitations. It just simply isn't anywhere near as good as claimed.

* VHF noise figure is poor.
* UHF noise figure is fair, averaging in the 2 db range, which is better than any previous Winegard I've tested by 1-4 dB.
* Marketing claims of overload tolerance are preposterous.
* Technical specs for overload appear to be "generous".
* Stray Signal Ingress

If they put it in a metal box to eliminate ingress, and cleaned up the internal filters to reduce the obvious signal attenuation (and bought a new noise figure meter), it would be a pretty good amp.

The new pre-amp is still plodding along. I don't know what is characteristics are going to be as we've gotten multiple iterations of prototypes. The most recent samples went straight to the contract engineers due to time constraints so I haven't seen them.
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