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Hello Tinkerer:

Tim's given you good advice and is one of the forums long-time posters and best techs.

FWIW, I have used a number of indoor and outdoor antennas at my location here in S OC/LA CO. The indoor antenna that pulled in the most stations reliably was Antennas Direct Flex, especially on VHF. I was even able to pick up a low VHF station nearly 40 miles away on RetroTV 63.3, real 4! (To be fair, KWHY-TV is the tower Retro is broadcasting off of and it's a VERY STRONG signal! A "flame thrower" its been called, but needed for good low VHF transmission). Also, I recommended this antenna to someone else here on the forum a couple of years ago, who lived in a somewhat challenging TV reception area and it improved their reception noticeably.

As far as outdoor antennas, since you have stations from different directions you might want to look at Channel Masters Omni or "Flat" antennas that are optimal for picking up stations from two different directions. There's other manufacturers that make these as well.

I'm not a tech like Tim or others here, but hopefully my experiences will be helpful to you.

Please keep the forum posted as to your progress. I'm sure it would be of interest and helpful to others.

All the best.....

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