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Originally Posted by tinkerer View Post
I missed the fact that the two channels I am having problems with are VHF.
So does that mean I should use two low gain antennas (VHF and UHF)?
Looking at the specs for the Channelmaster Flatenna, the specs show reception on both VHF and UHF, although the antenna has less gain for VHF.

Even though these antennas are advertised as omnidirectional, most of them show directional characteristics. Have you tried turning it in a different direction? The UHF stations you listed are to your southeast while the two VHF stations are to your west.

You might want to consider trying an inexpensive rabbit ear type antenna. The extendable VHF elements might give you more "capture area" for the VHF signals and it could readily be turned to favor the westerly direction.

Also you might want to consider joining the Antenna Forum at This particular group is pretty much dead these days and you might get more answers over there.
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