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Is it possible that the reflector (which is now closer to the source) is acting as a "filter"? I.e. reflecting back the interfering signals.
That is possible, but we are not able to give you any further accurate advice until we learn more about your location.

At this point, I need to look at an aerial satellite view of your location to see the relationship between the signal lines and the buildings. I would also like to see a photo looking out the window in the direction of 50 degrees to see what your antenna "sees."

Can you give me the exact coordinates of the antenna in a PM? I will also show you some photos in a PM that I found. If they are of your location, maybe you can tell me what is what.

What I am trying to see is what I would see if I were there to help you.

For reference:

Your report:

Your channels:
2.x, WBBM, CBS, real channel 12, NM 14.9 dB, 53.3 mi, 50 deg
5.x, WMAQ, NBC, real channel 29, NM 25.5 dB, 53.3 mi, 50 deg
7.x, WLS, ABC, real channel 44, NM 27.1 dB, 53.3 mi, 50 deg
11.x, WTTW, PBS, real channel 47, NM 21.0 dB, 53.3 mi, 50 deg
20.x, WYCC, PBS, real channel 21, NM 9.0 dB, 2Edge, 54.7 mi, 49 deg
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