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Yes, the link is broken in the center.

It looks like l37 did a copy and paste from my post number 19. That link is from an estimated report I did based on his image of a report in post number 1, which puts him in Morris, IL 60450 near the Walmart Supercenter.

as you can see, the last numbers are the same

So, I don't have a lot of confidence in the report because it probably isn't as accurate as one that he could have done based on his exact address.

And the height is missing

And he hasn't given us all that ADTech asked for other than what I guessed about
Also, provide a concise summary of how the antenna is mounted, what direction it is aimed, how it is connected, what, if anything, is in front of the antenna as well as a summary by call letters of the stations that are giving issues.
Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
These channels?
2.x, WBBM, CBS, real channel 12
your DB4e isn't designed to get that
5.x, WMAQ, NBC, real channel 29
7.x, WLS, ABC, real channel 44
11.x, WTTW, PBS, real channel 47
20.x, WYCC, PBS, real channel 21
Originally Posted by l37 View Post
Yes, there is a screen door and glass door in front of the antenna. This was not an issue previously when I originally posted though.

Yes, those are the ones that I am having trouble with (5.X+). I am not sure if the issue is the antenna (getting bad?), or that I have too many things downstream from the antenna (RCA preamp, and Channel Master DVR+).

Given the location, should I switch over to a DB8 (not DB8e)?
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