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HDTV OTA reception

I did see that section after I posted. Do you think I should repost?

On with the problem. I did get a reception map of my area. I saved it under my name a month or so ago. DB Date Code 201601041148 Maybe you can find it.

I have a Winegard FV-30BB antenna. I am running RG6 from the antenna to my
LG60UF7700. I think there might be 4 connections in the line.

I have done the automatic tuning on the TV many times. For quite a while everything was great. In the last month or so the signal started to go goofy. I tried a different antenna with the same results.

I discovered I could go to the manual tuning option on the tv and watch the signal strength and quality. When things are good the strength is fairly steady at ~60% and the quality is 100%.

When things start acting up the quality is all over the place from 100 to 0%. The signal strength bounces a lot. I don't recall if it ever went to 0 but it did go way down. When it was screwing up the tv would pixilate until the signal got too bad and then the picture quit. It takes a second or to to reacquire so watching tv is a real drag.

Not sure I have answered all of your questions. I do think something is happening that is beyond my ability to resolve. I have tried to reposition the antenna for maximum signal and did not get much better that the ~60%. To me if my setup was bad enough to cause the goofy stuff why does it get better.

Thnks for any response
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