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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
Hello 8bit:

Also, here's a link for combining two RCA ANT751R antennas that might be helpful if you decide to go that way. A bit expensive, but you might save some money by just buying another ANT751R and related supplies separately.

I'm sure there are other's here who could help you achieve your goals if they decide to chime in.

All the best.....
According to the zip code you provided in your TV Fool report, the report shows better Post-Repack reception for that area. Obviously, you mentioned you were in a bit of a hole with surrounding tall trees which makes reception more challenging; although you seem to be getting most of the stations you desire. Here's the report for your zip code, but GroundUrMast's advice is wise. (Your rabbitears report takes a bit under 20 seconds to load).

I surmise from what I see online combining 2 ANT751s may not work well if the antennas are pointed in the same direction? Mulitpath issues etc?
Its a shame as that the antenna is workable size for most of us.
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