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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
I hope toddbailey won't mind too much if I ask another question, since you, JoeAz are the only one I've come across who has experience with this antenna.

I'm in SoCal LA/OC where signals are strong, but with a few Low-VHF that I watch, Retro 63.3 display real 4, and High-VHF 8, which is weak pointed directly into LA proper, but I can receive most of the time.

Two questions: Any overload issues you might see for me if I picked up the Televes, especially since most other LA stations are above 30SNR? And, the specs on Low-VHF passive are -3; you said your antenna performed better than the listed specs?

Thanks again, JoeAz, for your help. Techs like you have been essential here on this forum among others!

I've had absolutely no overload issues at all and would expect the same for you
in LA/OC. The preamp is designed to reject overload signal. Seems to work great for me! There are times when I see the signal/quality meter on the TV
fluctuate a bit after immediately changing channels. I am told it is the preamp
adjusting to the new signal.....
The antenna I have is for Rf 7-36 only and it REJECTS FM, LOW BAND VHF and cell signals. I haven't been able to find any antenna, in actual use, that outperforms the TELVES. Some indicate better specs but the proof is in the ACTUAL Performance and the TELEVES rocks!
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