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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Unless you NEED low VHF/ KYMU LP, the model you want is #149883.
It's a bit hard to find as it is in such high demand as are all Televes
antennas. You can check it out at It performs way
better than its specs would indicate and those specs are pretty impressive!

otafan and others: feel free to jump in, this is a group discussion.

moving on
the jury is still out on vhf-lo, one station, 3-4 channels one in spanish and no english sub-titles.
if the tri band antenna costs about the same and performs about the same then it's an easy decision, however tax return has been delayed so the project is on hold. since I already have 2 antennas, i might as well try to stack the radio shack and channel master antennas and see what happens.

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