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Hello, erie; welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the reports. You live in a poor location for OTA reception. Reception is not impossible, but it will be difficult.

The TVFool reports are no longer accurate because the database for generating reports is out of date. We are now using reports from You can do one here:

I did two reports based on my estimate of your location (I use coordinates from Google maps):
30 ft
100 ft

The Signal Margin on a report is similar to the Noise Margin on a TVFool report.

You will need a UHF/VHF combo antenna like the Winegard HD7698P and a preamp or separate UHF and VHF antennas. NBC and CBS should be fairly easy but Fox and ABC are in a different direction and much weaker.

Also, you are behind a hill for all your desired channels.

That was one of the 2 winegards I was looking at also looked at the 8200u but figured thatmight help some with the hi v and uhf but was mainly to help with low v also didn't know if any other antenna's would help better then the 7698p also any ideal on a good preamp
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