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Originally Posted by Caveman007 View Post
Wow been on here for over 3 weeks and no response. Did I post in the wrong place?
Hello, Caveman007; welcome to the forum.

You didn't post in the wrong place, it's just that this forum is dying. The forum has a very small staff, the signal reports are no longer accurate, and the certificate for the site has not been renewed. Without the certificate, the site is no longer secure.

If you look at the counter for your attachments, you will see that many people have read your thread. But, even if they have read your thread, they might not feel able to give any useful answers to your questions.

There are two other forums that are more active; you can try posting your questions there.

Thank you for the signal report.

Originally Posted by Caveman007 View Post
I am having problems with reception. I do not know if I need a new antenna and amplifier
( I think the antenna I have is like an RCA 3036 with a few less vhf reflectors ) . I'm having some channels fade in and out a lot.

there are trees in neighbor's yard which probably doesnt help but I cannot move the tower to a different location.

Could someone suggest the optimal direction for pointing my antenna. Please
What channels are important to you?

What channels are giving you trouble?

As long as the trees stay in the signal path, they will cause reception problems. Trees block TV signals.

Your antenna is very directional, so it must be aimed at the channels you want to receive.

Your preamp is very old; if it's still working don't replace it yet.

You can try replacing the 4-way splitter with a Channel Master CM-3414 distribution amp.
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