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I live in Hamilton Ontario. I have an antennas direct DB8E <with VHF rabbit ears option>, a kitztech low noise amp, and an antenna rotor.

With your antenna I'd recommend an amp and a rotor. The amp will allow you to pull in some of those weaker Toronto stations and the rotor will allow you to move the antenna between Hamilton and Toronto. You should be able to get CITY TV out of Toronto with an amp. I think you are too far away to get any of the Buffalo channels.

Note that CTV is still VHF so you might not be able to get the Kitchener transmitter. With my setup I can pull in 3 CTV feeds (Toronto, Kitchener and Hamilton). I have read that the 4228 has decent high VHF so you might get lucky and get CTV Kitchener, especially if you have an amp.

I'm not sure if the 4228 allows you to direct the panels in different directions. This feature did not work well for me. I had hopes of pointing one panel at Buffalo and the other at Toronto. Buffalo is about 70 miles away from me and I need every precious bit of gain to get a good signal so the panels are locked flat and I use a rotor to direct the antenna.

good luck

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