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For some reason I did not scroll down far enough to read the second part of your answer. I'm sorry I missed it.
No apology necessary; I did several edits to add more info.

Thanks for the new report for dad's cottage. It's probably more accurate than the generic Gravenhurst report, even though it is only resolved to street level and not an exact address or coordinates. Unfortunately, the signals didn't look as good in the new report, but they got better when I remembered to click on pending.

The trees are bad news; see attachment 1.

The stores here have antennae by Digiwave. Will they perform as well as a Winegard?
I don't have any personal experience with Digiwave antennas, but the guys on the Canadian forum aren't impressed with them:

Also, I can't seem to locate a dealer for Winegard here in the Toronto Canada area.
Save and Replay in Mississauga and other locations is a Winegard dealer:

BestBuy stores in Toronto sell Antennas Direct antennas.

If you can find a fairly clear path thru the trees, you have a good chance for CIII-DT on real channel 7 and CHCH-DT on real channel 23, and maybe even CFTO even though it's now listed as weaker. Real channel 7 is a VHF-High channel which is why you need a VHF/UHF combo antenna.

It might be possible to use an Antennas Direct C2V. The UHF figure 8 UHF double loop could be used for 23 and 21 and the "V" VHF dipole for 7; no guarantees because of the trees.
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