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Thanks for the responses.

All the antennas we have tried to date, including the Clearstream, are designed to work best as OUTDOOR antennas (which is where we mounted them).

Any feedback about the Terk and RCA lines of amplified antennas? Others?

As for large, rooftop systems, is it possible to estimate what kind & make of array would be needed to pick up the most common Denver stations (4, 7, 9)?

Before everything went digital we were able to get THREE Denver TV stations and one Cheyenne station up here in Estes Park using an INDOOR rabbit ear antenna from our apartment on the NORTH-facing side of Giant Track Mountain (currently we have a clear view southeast from our location on the north side of town).

Yes, we do have Internet but I have no idea what a sling box is (we do have friends who live in the Denver area, however).
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