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Do you see physical damage to the antenna? If so, your skills and ability will determine whether you need to replace the antenna or improvise a repair.

Water may have gotten into a connector and then the coax. The matching transformer is also subject to moisture damage. Connections exposed to the weather need to be sealed before water gets in. Once there is water in the coax, the only practical solution is to replace it. Products such as Coax-Seal and Scotch 2228 are designed to form a long lasting weather proof seal.

Your TV Fool report appears to be based on a Postal Code, not a specific address. Included in the title of your report, "WARNING: Address was only resolved to zip code level and might not be that close to your actual location. For more accurate results, try entering a specific address or coordinates." The existing report may not represent your situation accurately. If you start with the Interactive TV Maps you'll be able to pin-point your exact location, then generate a custom TV Fool Report which will be more helpful and accurate.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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