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I am the bearer of bad news here. Amplifiers and preamps don't "fix" signals that are coming through solid objects or tree lines. Let us say you have trouble with WVNY ABC or maybe even a couple of signals. The signal comes and goes or breaks up a lot. Your antenna is properly aimed and you know you don't have a great amount of loss in your coax that would sufficiently weaken reception to the unreliable level. The phenomena here to look at is foliage. It destroys signals. Forum member ADTech has described personally taking readings of signals losing up to 40db of attenuation in thick wet forest. This means that if this where WVNY ABC, with 40db of signal removed, it's at 14db a very weak signal.

The upshot is that if you are going to be aiming through trees you have to be ready for reception to be unreliable. You may get lucky and have no problems. However, trees along with attic installs take reception situations from reasonably predicable to all bets are off. There are just too many factors now on the hyper local level to gauge with a reasonable amount of certainty what your results will be.

My suggestion don't spend a lot of money. Buy the HBU11k and put it on your deck, try it out and see what you get. Make sure a generous return policy is from the business you purchase from.

I would avoid the attic at all costs. Property surroundied by trees + attic install, it's just not worth trying. More can go wrong than right.

Sorry to be a sour puss, but I want to make sure people understand the risks, realities and challenges of their situation.

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