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Originally Posted by richardrosa View Post
It appears that the TV-Fool database (as well as the FCC's) has not been updated in some time.
TVFool doesn't have enough staff to correct the database.

For those of you in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of NY:

The 4 stations listed as being available in the area are gone.
WRNN (Ch 48), WTBY (Ch 27), & WNYW (Ch 32) were originally transmitting on Mt.Beacon.
These went silent last year.
W42AE (Ch 42 Analog) from Dutchess County Community College also is absent from activity. ]
WRNN sold its license in the Repack auction.
Its channels are on WWOR as a guest:

WTBY sold out
It's now a guest on WDVB

WNYW moved to 27

However, WMHT (PBS out of Albany) appears to have energized a local transmitter on channel 23.
WMHT is moving from 34 to 25

I could NOT find anything on the FCC TV database about the location of this facility.
Based on my crude direction finding, I believe that the broadcast tower is on Illinois Mt., Ulster County.
This says Helderberg Mountains (NY)
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