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Sorry it's been awhile. I have been away on business travel, but I have tried again lowering the inclination and trying other locations on the roof. The results were perplexing and not always as expected. Some times when moving/pointing to/from a desired location I got unexpected surprises. For example, I was able to obtain CH 31, but then not CH 38 and 39, and when I would point a couple degs clockwise, I could obtain CH 38, but not 39 or 31. I think going higher may be the only answer; TVFOOL output shows I need up to 3 more dB to get NBC CH 48 ... the London Olympics! That's my goal for now, just that one channel, temporarily, until I can get a more significant mount that gets my antenna higher. Is there another antenna that I should consider that will increase my noise margin sufficiently, given that I can receive CH 31 (and want to get CH 48, +3dB more; without adding more height)? Does is surprise anyone that I when I can receive 31, I cannot also receive CH 38 or 39? (I have been re-tunning accordingly, just FYI)

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