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Originally Posted by Seaboy View Post
Thanks for the responses on the edge diffraction.

Before I go on to my latest efforts, I have a curious question regarding what I outlined in my original post, and wanted to know if anyone could offer a response.

As I mentioned in that fist post, I actually am receiving CH 50, which although is not a desired channel, it is one of the weakest channels in the cluster of towers of which I am trying to receive. In fact, I think it has the same coordinates of Ch 38, which is in theory has a stronger signal. All of this, while pointing my antenna (way off) at near 85 deg W (in a compromise to get at that channel cluster). Any comments? Could this be attributed to diffraction as well? Or perhaps the CS2 having a sweep angle ~ 70 deg still allowing reception? A combination of both? And, more importantly, why not Ch 38?
Local knowledge:

KUNS, real channel 50 is not broadcasting from Queen Anne Hill as indicated on your (and my) TV Fool report. It is still broadcast from Tiger Mountain, east of Issaquah. You and I both have to aim toward the east to get reliable reception of real CH-50 as with real channels 33, 42, 46 and 51.

I suspect the terrain, buildings and foliage in the direction of Queen Anne and Capitol Hill are combining to block and scatter more than indicated in your TV Fool report. TV Fool is limited to terrain modeling and has no access to data that would make estimation of foliage and adjacent building penetration losses possible.

The fix is likely going to be a combination of additional antenna mounting height and use of a higher gain antenna.

Your thoughts?
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