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A curious observation and question

Thanks for the responses on the edge diffraction.

Before I go on to my latest efforts, I have a curious question regarding what I outlined in my original post, and wanted to know if anyone could offer a response.

As I mentioned in that fist post, I actually am receiving CH 50, which although is not a desired channel, it is one of the weakest channels in the cluster of towers of which I am trying to receive. In fact, I think it has the same coordinates of Ch 38, which is in theory has a stronger signal. All of this, while pointing my antenna (way off) at near 85 deg W (in a compromise to get at that channel cluster). Any comments? Could this be attributed to diffraction as well? Or perhaps the CS2 having a sweep angle ~ 70 deg still allowing reception? A combination of both? And, more importantly, why not Ch 38?

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