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Thanks for your comments Electron. I have seen some of your other posts, and appreciate all the help you provide to the community.

I have a few questions for you:

1. I guess you are suggesting that the VHF upgrade kit will help with the UHF reception that I desire? If I am understanding your recommendation correctly, is it because the reflector can actually help in my case for VHF signals?

2. Do you have recommendations for how I can try and receive the channels that I desire? It's possible you may have mis-read my post, or I have not communicated it clearly. I am trying to get the following UHF:
KSTW 11 (actually is Hi VHF, not UHF)

3. I am only connecting 1 TV to the antenna.

4. The call signs are what I used to google, and that's how I found out KIRO 7 and their telephone number, and I will follow up with them tomorrow, but an Antenna Direct employee told me that the channel is likely not a useful channel, for what its worth. (Crossing my fingers though!)

5. When I was on the roof, I tried probably around 10 different positions on my roof, but did not really have any luck for the channels that I desire. Hence my questions about 2edge diffraction. BTW, my antenna does not look like any of those on your link. Mine looks like a figure eight, with a a collector grid behind it. What I have been doing is facing the figure eight in the direction of the towers. It's just that I don't have LOS with my towers, so I have been slightly iterating and deviating and then rescanning my results. Just for discussions sake, the method I am using while on the roof involves 2 iPads using facetime, one at the TV, and one with me at the antenna looking at my TV's signal strenth as I reposition the antenna. So usually I just use that as the metric for reception, but I do the lengthy rescans a couple times during my overall effort to see if any other new channels come up (or go away). I am really wondering what 2edge diffraction means to me in terms of where the signals could be bouncing and how I might need to position / orient the antenna beyond the basics of LOS and obstruction avoidance.
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