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Channel Master DVR+

I am in a similar situation. My wife likes to record the CBS Early Morning show from 7am-9am. She watches it when she gets home from work at 2pm. She also likes the View on ABC and records that too. I want to cut the cord but, needed a way to record these two shows for her.

After much research I went with the Channel Master DVR+. I can now record the shows. I can record two shows at the same time or record one show and watch another one. The DVR has the same functions as the Charter one. for the guide I ran an ethernet cable from my router to the CM, though they sell a WiFi adapter, and can schedule her program series and I can also view the station guide for up to two weeks.

I purchased an Ooma phone system that costs us $3.83 a month, which included long distance US and Canada. And then went with Netflix and HBO Now subscriptions so we're both happy plus we are saving $100 a month after the initial outlay for antennas, DVR, subscriptions and phone.

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