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This post really belongs in the "Help with Reception" forum.

Question 1 - If you're talking about the program information that comes over the air from the television broadcast itself, that is embedded in the tv signal. So no signal, no info.

Question 2 - How many of each network do you want? You might provide a list (in the order they appear on your plot). If this were me, and if I really only wanted one of each network (with anything else a bonus) I'd get an Antennas Direct DB-8e and put it up in the air (one panel aimed at 7 degrees and the other at about 158 degrees on a compass (I'd expect to pick up the first two on your list at 307 degrees since they are strong). Then I'd add a VHF-LO antenna for WBRA-TV 3 PBS. Something like an Antennacraft CS600.

Others will post with more knowledge than I. If not, re-post below.
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