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I'm in Santa Barbara, CA.

Rabbit Ears:

I care about:
K10PV-D (NBC, real channel 10, virtual channel 6)
KSBB-CD (Fox/CBS, real/virtual channel 17)
KEYT-DT would be a nice bonus, but I'm not having any trouble receiving it.

K10PV-D comes in if I point the antenna straight at it.
KSBB-CD never shows up on a channel scan, even if the antenna is pointed straight at it.

My setup:
* 2 MCM FM traps (there's a local low power radio station operating on 96.5MHz nearby)
* Aerial industries FAE60 LTE filter
* Clearstream juice pre-amp
* 45 foot cable run
* Winegard Freevision HD (FV-30BB) in the attic, pointed in between K10PV-D and KSBB-CD.

I've attached my RTL-SDR scans. There's nothing notable between 600-800MHz with the LTE filter
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