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What market are those two real channels (not virtual) in? In other words, perhaps you could post your Signal Report off RabbitEars.Info? It would be very helpful in getting the help you need from the forum.

Otherwise, my best guess is that since you're only several miles away from their towers, their signals could be overshooting you; depending on the terrain surrounding your location, such as tall trees or if you're down in a valley behind a large hill. Or, it's possible their signal is directed somewhat away from you. Or.....sometimes the stations might have temporary technical problems. Here in SOCAL LA/OC, I've had a few stations occasionally not display on my screen even though my signal meter was 100%. But I'm shooting in the dark here.

If you go to RabbitEars.Info and put in your zip code for a signal report, I'm sure someone will be able to help you. The TV Fool Signal Reports are not as current, if you try to use those.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. But the forum needs more specific information to help resolve your issues.

Keep the forum posted, please.....

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